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Vehicle cost of ownership comparison tool

I created a very simple excel sheet that compares two cars on basic ownership on annual basis.  The key purpose was to allow comparison with an Hybrid 🙂 which since then expanded in applicability.

Link to the tool Basic Auto Ownership Comparer

The sheet allows comparison based on the the following,

  1. Purchase price (to work out payback in case the second car is more expensive in purchase but cheaper in running)
  2. Insurance (also allowed to indicate the insured amount, as under value is also a practice that we see commonly)
  3. Service
  4. Fuel economy, this has been broken into three groups rather than the usual two taking into account what we see here a lot in asia.  Also possible is the break the % of the driving conditions compared to the total mileage (the example has 80% City, 15% Urban and 5% highway, which is what i face)
    1. City – The worst nightmare, the bumper to bumper traffic with lots of stop and go and idle scenarios
    2. Urban – City (or driving in areas where there is still a degree of congestion) but when the traffic is low, but still with loads of stop and go scenarios, but less idle mode
    3. Long Distance / Highway – Where you can cruise at set speeds with minimal stop and go scenarios
  5. Other (to allow including ATF oil change, maybe change in batteries, timing belt vs timing chain costs, special tires, etc)
  6. Cost per liter of fuel
The comparison tool provides you a very high level capability to see the difference in fuel costs and include common annual costs (service, insurance) and then compare.  It also allows to identify the payback period of a car is say more expensive to purchase but cheaper on the annual running costs.
Would be great if blog commuters provide the following as comments to this post to help others compare vehicles.  I will post on my current vehicle and any that i have been tracking which are used by colleagues.
  • Vehicle Model
  • Model Year
  • Engine
  • City economy (kpl)
  • Urban economy (kpl)
  • Highway economy (kpl)
  • Other costs – Indicate any such as Hybrid Battery change, that were not the usual costs