Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update is slower than ICS

I recently got hold of an Samsung Galaxy S3 which was running the 4.0.4 ICS firmware.  I then update the phone with the recently released Jelly Bean update (4.1.2) expecting a further boost in performance in addition to to improved tweaks courtesy Samsung with their Nature UX skin.

Sadly when i updated it i noticed that the phone seems to be very laggy than the ICS build.  This was quite surprising when the recent update to an Galaxy S2 had not shown any dramatic lag.  With the phones nearly identical on memory (mine was the 1GB international version), the additional power of the quad-core should have made things far from laggy.

Key areas that i could feel the lag to a point of irritation were,

1. Very slow loading of contacts option

2. Very slow rendering of the phone dialer

3. Laggy switch between applications

I ran a few tests and the outcome seconded the laggy feel in using the phone.  And yes Power Saving was disabled.

Sorry for the rather numeric type of review, but though i will share this for those who might be interested.

Android Version Antutu 3.1.1 Quadrant Geekbench 2.0 Vellamo HTML5 Vellamo Metal
4.0.4 14300 5343 1824 1569 559
4.1.2 11596 5195 1170 1684 551

Antutu analysis

The drop in Antutu is huge, the current 4.1.2 performance is now closer to a Galaxy S2 performance! The SD card performance was identical and the DB IO performance was actually in favor of the Jelly Bean update.

The significant drop can be seen across the board for most test that involve processing and memory.

  Score RAM CPU Integer CPU float 2D 3D DB IO
4.0.4 14300 1962 3465 3166 1290 3692 395
4.1.2 11596 1827 1165 3070 1266 3482 455

Quadrant analysis

Here the outcome contradicts Antutu, and the main slow down is the IO aspect while all other test are actually higher.

  Score CPU Mem IO 2D 3D
4.0.4 5343 12826 4609 6212 1000 2069
4.1.2 5195 13385 4646 4789 1032 2124

GeekBench 2.0 analysis

Geekbench confirms similar outcomes to Antutu, massive drop in performance on the processing and memory perspective.

  Score Integer Float Memory Stream
4.0.4 1824 1471 2784 1378 596
4.1.2 1170 1266 1525 765 403

Vellamo 2.0 analysis

Jelly Bean definitely has a new JavaScript engine, and almost all phones have shown great improvement in the HTML 5 test. The S3 confirms this that even with the supposed slow down on all aspects the HTML5 performance has improved.


While there are several improvements in the phone features, the lag in performance is a heavy penalty and it would be best that Galaxy S3 users wait for a firmware that fixes the performance issue than update to this version right now.  The ICS 4.0.4 build was pretty fast and it would be shame to get irritated with the phone that is far more capable than what the current 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update makes it feel.

The term old is gold seems an suitable quote when it comes to Samsung’s first Jelly Bean update for its current flagship.  What is surprising is how the 2011 flagship the S2 Jelly Bean update performs better, makes you wonder if Samsung did not test this firmware properly.


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