App Review: Notification Toggles for Android


Ever wanted a shortcut buttons in the easy to access notification bar?  Sad that your phone does not have this cool version like some.  Want that quick access to enable or disable 3G or wireless?


One of the cool features with the touchwiz that I found lacking in my first Android phone the X10i, and subsequently with the Xperia phones and even my HTC phones was the quick access buttons on the notification slider.  The solution I initially found was Power Widget (free version) but subsequently I came across the app called Notification Toggle, and found this to be even more easier, and more importantly free (to date at least).


This app allows a lot more power than the touchwiz implementation by Samsung. It allows two levels of bars, and has a wide variety of system shortcuts, as well as the ability to customize your own custom short.


The more used shortcuts from myself were

  • Enable/disable data
  • Enable/disable Wi-Fi
  • Quick access to select the Wi-Fi networks
  • Enable/disable airplane mode
  • Enable/disable GPS
  • Batter indicator with real time levels (shows the percentage)
  • Direct access to brightness controls
  • Disable enable silent/vibrate mode

However you may need to try this out on your phone, as some features also depend on the Android version.  If you have Android 2.3.x (Gingerbread) most should work fine, but uses with lower version may have some features not working.

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