Sony Arc vs Sony Arc S, the battle of the former Sony flagship phones

One my office mates purchased an Xperia Arc S recently as it was offered at a very attractive price by a Telco.  The phone was still running Gingerbread, as the ICS update has not yet rolled out to this region.

However I warned the chap not to update since he had got hooked to Angry Birds, and with the ICS update this game is not working on either the Arc or the Arc S, the problem being the touch controls not working on this game.

Usage impressions

One very apparent impression is that compared to the Sony Arc, the phone seems a lot more faster due to the faster processor which definitely makes the phone a lot more usable.  Other than this obvious but very important improvement the rest is very much the same, though the battery drain also seems to be greater than the Arc which I think is attributed to the faster processor, while the battery is the same as the Arc.

Sad that Sony Ericsson (Sony) did not boost the memory to 1GB on this version, since this would have made it a lot more future proof when running ICS.


Since the phones are near identical I am just including a comparison with the Sony Arc, and the benchmark shots.  The 3D performance has a remarkable gain on ICS, so the Nenamark 2 results are not a true comparison.

Arc S (LT18i) Arc (LT15)
OS Android 2.3.4 Android 4.0.4
Quadrant 1364 1257
Antutu 2.8.2 3628 2953
Nenamark 2 15 24.1


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