Huawei MediaPad ICS official build now available for download

Unlike many other bigger name manufacturers Huawei has been pretty involved in providing updates to their device and though slightly late than the original planned day, they have now made available the official release of ICS for the MediaPad.

Direct download is available at

Please see my article on the MediaPad to see how you should backup your device.  In addition Google now has the feature to backup your apps and data.  Do note though that when you enable this, you may have issues if you are running apps that you installed “personally”, so be cautious since Google ain’t very nice on the way they go about things.  Recently they had removed over 50 apps that had violated their store policies (including apps that allow downloading youtube applications), and they have even gone ahead and removed it from all devices that had downloaded it from the store!

Interestingly Huawei also have an updated Honeycomb build.  This seems to be mainly because the amount of ICS devices in the market is still rather low (less than 5%) with the key players Amazon, Samsung still yet to roll out ICS for most of their popular devices.  Hence application compatibility with ICS is still a problem.


One thought on “Huawei MediaPad ICS official build now available for download”

  1. Could you please tell me the firmware version number etc for ICS update for mediapad. I see there are few of them I want to upgrade my mediapad to ICS.

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