Huawei MediaPad ICS first impression

Could not resist waiting for the official update, and plunged in and installed the March release of the ICS International release from the xda forum.  Installation went very smoothly and remembered to back the apps prior to the update using HiSuite, and the restored back up after the update.

First impressions

Initially felt a bit of lag in the UI, when i was expecting lightning fast responses that i encountered using ICS with a friend who had a Google Nexus phone.  However found that the ICS build downloaded being still not fully final had logging enabled, and disabling logging improved the overall smoothness immensely making the device very usable.

The build is definitely close to final as the camera, video, wifi, 3G all work fine.  The device now officially has the phone and messenger.

Strangely the theme and look and feel still remains very much like Honeycomb, that you don’t feel a WOW factor from the ICS update is something that let me down.

The new option where you can change the font size available in ICS is very useful as you can select high res mode and customize the font size to suite your visual preference.

Screen shots

Start screen nothing very different, notice the “emergency call”, which is because the phone is airplane mode.

The interface here is not the standard, as i am using the APEX launcher since default ICS launcher is rather unattractive and feature limited.  However APEX launcher itself is something hard to understand since it has so many configuration settings.

The version in case you have a doubt what is running on the device 🙂

Settings menu for display, notice the font option. Also nice is the power saving option available under settings.


Attached a few benchmarks to give you an idea on more where the MediaPad stands compared to current devices.

AnTuTu 2.7.2

Competes well with similar configuration devices, though all seem to be blown by the Transformer Prime here!


Quadrant seems to having some issues with there benchmarks, and are unable to show against the latest crop, i am awaiting the update to rerun the benchmarks.


My Internet connection was very slow, and noticed this test ran slow, i am not sure if this impacted the networking score.  However here the device is very competitive.