Honda Civic no longer to be made in the Japanese market!

The classy and sporty option for the Corolla, Sunny users has always been the Civic.  Aided by the uber cool Type-R and the somewhat simmered down but yet sporty SiR the Civic has always captured the hearts of motorist.  The local motorist here also got access to the JDM only RS version which was a standard Civic with a bit more sporty suspension and external kit which though disappeared after the 7th generation Civic. The current (8th) generation Civic had such a futuristic design that it had Toyota delaying the launch of the Corolla to do some design tweaks, though that hardly made a difference as the Civic was a class on its own on the visual impact.

However it seems that in its homeland the Civic has been loosing out, not to competitors but to its own siblings, and based on the reports the nearly similar sized Honda Fit, and the Civic based Stream being the major causes.

However the Civic model will live on, as it still is a very popular car in other markets, and the new (9th) generation will be produced in the new Honda plant in Argentina.  The question remains though is what will happen to the highly acclaimed Type-R sedan.  While the European arm of Honda will surely develop a new Type-R hatch, the Japanese division were always one step ahead with an even more sharper and sporty sedan version.   Hopefully Honda will retain a team to make this car and keep the sporty Civic sedan image alive.

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2 thoughts on “Honda Civic no longer to be made in the Japanese market!”

  1. Honda is the biggest declining major auto-maker in the world. (Although the “current” sales numbers may suggest otherwise)
    Honda is on a path that heads to disaster. The latest generation Civic (Gen 9 released days ago) is hardly anything more than a slight face-lift. There are no new engines or any other technical break-throughs in it. Their biggest hope Insight is dismal. I think Honda will soon start to pay the price for building cars that only look good but very short on technological break-throughs. The only magic that there is about Honda vehicles is due to past break-throughs.

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