The small story of the two R’s, the Honda Civic Mugen RR vs the Honda Stream RSZ

Just had to add this to blog !

After years of some spirited driving, i have had to sizzle down my rather aggressive and speed/thrill crazy driving style with marriage and now father-hood!  While the regular drives are still very much greater than the normal folks, I usually control my desire to take on that occasional spirited fellow drivers with my aging maturity 🙂

However last evening i had this KL- registered Red Civic, with the RR badging which came alongside (I had it place as Type-R, but today my expert friend on local sport car imports confirmed that it was the Mugen RR –, the ultimate front wheel drive sport car).  Seems the owner of the car was keen to find out what my Stream RSZ was all about.  Anyways this got me triggered and off we went on rather congested roads, the RR on the left and me on the right (or wrong, if you consider driving on the opposite side wrong) down bauddhaloka mawatha.  I got the advantage of having the opportunity to weave through the traffic more easily than the RR, and kept clear two color lights thanks traffic and some “casual” overtaking.

However the RR driver whoever it was, was a spirited chap and decide to follow the RSZ and show the true power of the RR.   Turned into Stanley Wijesundra Mw, and though i had switched to sports mode and 1st gear, the RSZ was shown the power of the RR as it just burst past, and kept moving.  The RR driver was still game as he definitely must have taken the foot of the accelerator as i started to close the gap at the end of the road as he turned into Reid avenue.  I decided that i needed one more view of the RR and took the turn at full throttle, and went through traffic (again in a very “Casual” manner) catching the RR driver a bit off guard as he then floored to catch up.  Somehow the RSZ remained ahead at the end of the road, as we turned into Thurstan road.

However this time around the RR driver had decided that enough was enough, and must have worked out that the RSZ was not in the same power league, and was also an automatic 🙂   Once into Thurstan road, not just 20m in the RR just burst through and showed me a clean pair of heels, and with my destination being Thurstan Road, i gracefully turned to the lane with my brakes and mechanicals having more than a dose of burning rubber aroma!

Two positives from that, one that the RSZ seems to catch the eye of even sporty drivers such as the RR, and that I was able to see the RR in its full glory, and had me wishing for an immediate change to a manual gearbox sporty sedan once more….

Message to myself – wake up, get back to the mature mode 🙂 To the RR driver good to see that RR (and a Honda) being driven the way it should be 🙂 and to see that buyers in Sri Lanka have taste and bring interesting vehicles, not just Allions, bulky SUVs and luxury sedans.


3 thoughts on “The small story of the two R’s, the Honda Civic Mugen RR vs the Honda Stream RSZ”

  1. I too had to move to a comfy larger sedan with an automatic gear-box with marriage and now fatherhood. spirited driving of speeds even beyond 170kmph in colombo it self are no longer conceivable. but now i take great joy weaving nad regularly racing in congestion everyday to office. most raving is done below 60kmph. real risk of a major accident is very less, so the fun is very mcuh conceivable. i realised that with “right strategy” many shorcomings on risk-taking can be overcome in a race.

    1. he he indeed.. i know what you mean 🙂 Old memories sparked as saw the RR exhaust tone and seem less pull go, and sometime back when an STI driver just blazed ahead. Sadly such risks with the young generation and family within the car are too great, and one has as you rightly said drive a “strategy” game 🙂 Some day i hope i can have a second car that does provide this, but until then its “Streaming” on the Honda stream!

  2. WoW


    I’m trying to buy a starter’s sports car – a honda civic!
    I wish I had a position in ma job that I could afford sportiness!

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