Hybrids the good and the bad

A good site that hybrid buyers might want to checkout is http://www.greenhybrid.com as these provide rich discussions on most of the popular hybrids, and you can find some interesting issues.

While real life fuel efficiencies are definitely great in city driving conditions, the gains on open roads are less evident.  A common finding in UK is that the latest Turbo diesels return better or equal fuel efficiencies with less complexities than hybrids, however local taxes on diesels means we can’t import these great turbo diesels at low prices.

Some quick findings on hybrid batteries

  • Agent support seems very important, as unlike normal cars, these cars seem to need software upgrades, as this impact the battery usage efficiencies and the vehicle functionality as a hybrid
  • The battery depletion rate is impacted by the weather conditions, usage patterns.  Hotter weather conditions, regular idling seems to have impact on the battery life and efficiencies.
  • Battery efficiencies and lifetime is impacted by the batch and manufacture year.

More to come…


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