Comparison of upper market small cars in Sri Lanka

Working on an article that compares the following Japanese cars.  I want to make the local context based on experiences i have heard from fellow colleagues at my work place and comments from people.

Honda Fit GE6

Honda Fit GD1

Toyota Vitz K90

Suzuki Swift

Mazda Demio (Mazda 2)

Toyota Belta

Honda City

  Pros Cons
Honda Fit GE6 Decent styling both inside and outside

Interior is much more up market

Powerful engine with good economy

One of the most roomiest in the class, shames some larger sedans!

Large boot

Plastics though good quality is a bit cheap looking (no soft touch)

Ride a tad firm

Noise insulation is not the greatest

Honda Fit GD1    
Toyota Vitz K90 Great fuel economy under city driving conditions Interior very cheap looking

Boot space and rear legroom mediocre

Exterior design rather dull

1000cc fuel economies not great for longer trips specially with full passengers and AC

Suzuki Swift    
Mazda Demio (Mazda 2) Great looking car with a different design that stands out Extremely small boot and with intrusions

Cheap plastic interior

Very poor rear legroom

Interior very dark and gloomy

Toyota Belta Design better than the Vitz though still not ground breaking

Very good fuel economies and decent pulling power (1.3L)

Good space for passengers and luggage

High ground clearance

Honda City Great looking exterior

Powerful engine yet economical

Cheap quality interior plastics

High price



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