Upcoming reviews and updates

The influx of new cars also means i now get my hands on some of the newer cars my office mates have purchased.  I have asked them to provide me regular updates and a some test time so that i can update this blog.  The cars that are scheduled to be reviews and tracked are,

  • Toyota Axio NZE141 1.5L (G-grade) automatic CVT
  • Toyota Axio NZE141 1.5L (G-grade) manual 5-speed
  • Toyota Allion NZE260 1.5L automatic CVT
  • Toyota Premio NZE260 1.5L automatic CVT
  • Hyundai Tucson 2010 2.0L automatic 6-speed
  • Toyota Corolla Fielder NZE141G 1.5L automatic CVT
  • Toyota Belta 1.3L automatic CVT
  • Toyota Corolla 141 1.6L 2007 local version

2 thoughts on “Upcoming reviews and updates”

  1. What are the difference in price , technical and maintain cost in between 121 G grade LX and LXI (I think these are the types of Toyota corolla 121). What is the best option. I have only 2.5 Sri Lankan Rupees only.
    Please let me know about the fuel efficiency , also tell me what are the practical problems.

    Thank you .
    +94 (0) 0716904929

    1. Sadly i have never owned a 121 nor been keen to own such due to the fact that its boring in design and handling (being frank). I have have driven the car and the ride is very decent, and every owner praises the fuel economy of the car. I have also heard very few complains on ownership, indicating there is very little major faults with the car.

      Sadly cannot comment much on the grade options, except that G-grade is the higher spec model with the 1.5L engine, and the L indicates it has higher option levels. Check out http://specs.cars-directory.net/toyota/corolla/2000_664/ where you compare withe the different grade models to see what the specific car came with as standard. Usually the model grade on options differ on things like the audio package, alloys, fogs, body kit and in some cases the presence of additional safety features.

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