Honda GE6 2008 Fit (CVT gearbox version) quick review

My brother got his GE6 2008 fit last week, the 1330cc version with the CVT gearbox. I was only able to do a quick test and hope to do a more thorough review shortly.  Here are my initial findings compared to the GD1 Fit i had.

  • The interior space is noticeably improved, the boot clearly a lot bigger
  • The seats are not a lot more supportive, something that you noticed if you were slightly larger or bulky in frame
  • The new honda steering wheel looks cool and so does the new console
  • The interior feels a lot more after market, but the quality of plastic is still low budget
  • The ride has definitely been improved, as the car is less jittery on rough surfaces, though humps are still an issue, but yes good improvement here
  • Road noise seems similar, so not much change there
  • I was expecting ground breaking changes in acceleration, but I did not notice any significant change in the urge, however i might now be corrupted after driving my Stream 1.8
  • The CVT gearbox seems to have been tuned now to behave more like a normal auto as its less frentic
  • The brakes in the GD1 use to give poor feedback though they worked well, and the same is there with the GE6
  • The crisp sharper front looks is definitely nicer, and the side profile makes the car a lot more larger than the GD1

My brother has been driving it mainly in the city, and the car is averaging 11-12kmpl, which is very good considering i was getting similar economies with the GD1, which was less powerful.  So the i-VTEC version though more powerful seems to be as good as the i-DSI version in fuel economy, impressive.

Fuel Economy

City / Urban – Peak Hours 10-11kmpl
City / Urban – Non Peak Hours 11-12kmpl
Outstation / Highway – Narrow roads 12-14kmpl
Outstation / Highway –Wide roads 16+ kmp

My bro had replaced the stock 14″ wheels with 15″, and had opted for a slightly higher profile, so the car now looks a bit jacked up, but does improve its ground clearance.  His initial feel was that increasing the wheel size had not impacted the vehicles dynamics and comfort.  Since he still retained the same sidewall size (65), i guess the comfort would not be impacted, though the tire roar may be greater (though that may depend on the tire as well).


20 thoughts on “Honda GE6 2008 Fit (CVT gearbox version) quick review”

  1. Good review, on the same i have just shattered my Honda GD1 engine L13 8 plugs and wanted to change to L13 i-vtech engine, will it fit perfectly or are there modifications to be done. Kindly advice

  2. Rayaz,
    I am a little bit confused between the CVT oil change interval. I own a 2010 GE6. I changed the oil as soon as I got the car (which had 42k done) to have a reference. But then Stafford informed that I need to change it again after 15k. So I did (at 56k) without much thinking as I did not have time to do home work at that time. Now I am almost near my next service at 70k. I wonder whether I should change CVT again.
    Appreciate your advice

  3. What is the recommended fuel for GE6. Will RON 90 be ok on this engine? I am currently pumping RON 95 but wonder what others pump in Sri Lanka.

    1. based on the jap spec the car can run on “standard fuel” which means you can do with RON 90. However you can use soltron to ensure the dirt particles in our fuel does not clog your injectors. Don’t expect any fuel economy gains using soltron though, just the benefit of ensuring sedimentation of particles are negated.

      I would advise you to try the IOC Euro 3 fuel, i use it with my current car the Stream and find it a nice fit both on your pocket and your car. Then you can avoid Soltron since this is already mixed into this fuel and the slightly higher octane would be better for the car.

      Using 95 OCT for some have returned better fuel economies, and engine responses but you need to see if this is what you want, and if the increase in fuel economies (if applicable to your driving style!) is going to be worthwhile.

  4. hi rayaz..i really appreciate Ur endeavor of sharing ur “FIT” knowledge with us.. .have u ever noticed any “water in spare wheel well” situations in GD 1s? cus I’ve seen almost every fit had some or serious rust with corrosion… in thr spare wheel wells …n for my surprise, i found that this was a common issue with FIT n JAZZ models( in fitfreak forum) they says you need to re seal ur roof seams with new sealant..if so ..please tell me where can i get this done before my 2007 GD 1 catch rusts in da dust…thanks…

  5. Rayaz,
    Got my ge6 2008 metalic purple fully loaded 37k+. I personally imported it and the cost was around 2.6M even after the tax hike. Auction grade 4.5 with interior grade A. The ride is awesome and this is truly economical. I see ur bro’s black one quite often in and around Rajagiriya and wonder if he has added wheel spacers since the wheels look protruded out a bit. Im also about to add some wheel spacers and what is the size that u think the best? 1/4″ or 1/2″ or what?
    Wheels are 14″ – 6 spoke.

    Appreciate your opinion.

    1. hi, wow the metalic purple, darn that’s a stunning color on that car, good choice ! the price is very good too i thought it would cost a lot more with the new rates. I guess you must have been the lucky chap to have raised the LC on time, since with the new regulations we can only import cars that are no more 2 years old (hence 2009 is the oldest we can bring now).

      Yeah the guy lives in kotte area, sadly the chap has ditched the car due to a change in residence which has a small parking area, and opted for a old Chevrolet Cruze, very sad 😦

      He did not add any spacers, and opted for a larger than recommended tire size and i think this is fine since there is no impact to the safety. The tire he had was a 175/65/R14, and the upgrade to 15″ should have been more like 185/55/R15. He went with the 195/65/R15. While this does impact the speedometer accuracy, and a tad on the economy, the tire is still small enough not to touch the inside of the wheel cover at full turns. However an area that can impacted is when under full load, as the tire may strike the wheel well. However m bro has taken a full load (5 adult passengers + bags) and it seems to able to handle the load with no issues to the tire.

  6. I got GE6 without winker mirror and dual power on side mirror. It is single power which can only adjust side mirrors but can’t fold the side mirror automatically. Can I change to automatic fold and do you know where can I buy winker mirror in Colombo? Thanks

  7. hi rayaz. My GE6 Is on the way to sl. Are all the ge6 comes with the CVT.? And how to identify that? Thanks for your blog.

    1. Great, i am sure you will very happy with the vehicle. No the GE6 comes in 4 forms, manual, CVT, standard auto and auto with manual clutch (i-SHIFT). However the model codes are same, and differentiating the gearbox option installed is hard. However in Japan the 1.3L is usually a CVT, while the 1.5L comes as a standard auto and CVT.

  8. thank you bro, i will post you some pics. One thing i have noticed so far is that engine heats up quickly where rpm is always between 1 to 1.5. After a short run i hear a bubbling sound from the engine. Don’t no what cause this or is it normal? Any idea?

    1. Drove my bro’s GE6 and did not notice any bubbling sound. When you say the engine heats up quickly, does the red light come up or is the blue light saying things are fine? The fit continues the older models madness of not having a proper heat gauge, so the red light comes when things are really critical.

      1. Well, blue light quickly disappears after driving quite a distance but i didn’t notice the red light coming up. And about the fuel economy yeah i really got 16 km/l for a 30 km drive. Now that’s something which impressed me a lot.

      2. Were you able to check and find what the bubbling noise was? Coz if the blue light goes that means the engine has reached operating temperatures, and the red light appears when the engine has heated beyond the normal and is in danger of overheating. In such cases the moment you see red, just stop the car and don’t try to drive any more. Let the car cool down (15+ mins) and the try to remove the radiator cap. Be watchful as there maybe plumes of steam and hot water coming out. Never ever pour water in such cases, and let the engine really cool down and then pour coolant (50-50 mix if the coolant is not already mixed with water) and then start the engine and see how the heat works.

        However in your case since the red light is not flickering that means the temperature is normal, so the bubbling noise definitely needs to be found coz the only other thing bubbling is the engine with the engine oil!

        Glad you were able to get some seriously good economies, the way to test the best is to drive “Corolla user” mode. That is keep the car accelerator mildly pressed so that the rpm is just over 1000 in a straight road (after resetting the mileage to see how much is your best mileage), and keep that very slow acceleration. Its very painful, and yet it seems our Corolla drivers are masters of this mode. I tried this with the Honda GD1 Fit by shadowing a Corolla AE110, and found i was getting averages of around 20+ kpml!!! However after about 0.5-1 km i stopped this madness and stepped back to my normal pace, as the empty road just called out for more pace and gusto 🙂

    1. Price is decent, as if you were to directly import it might cost you around 2.7-2.8mil. Make sure you get the auction report, as vendors here are buying vehicles with poor state, repairing them and sending if for the JAIC certificate. So the original auction report is important.

      1. Rayaz, got the honda fit for 3 mil, details,
        silver,26k+ mileage,body kit,side tail leds,xenon lights,sec.sys,dvd,gps,tv system,winker mirrors and rest. The ride is cool, feel stylish,comfort,decent and has a sporty look too. I went through many cars for the range (vitz) but in my opinion, this is the best car i have come across, dont you think?. What is the actual FC of this car? what is the time interval to change CVT oil? Is this model has gear box problems? pls reply, thank you for your valuable replies.

      2. Congratulations as the Fit is a truly a good car, speically the GE6. I think i update the FC on this based on what i have read and feedback from my bro and another colleague at office who also purchased the same car. Would be great if you can share your numbers too in this post as that will help others 🙂

        I would advise you that you do the CVT oil change every 40,000 km if you are running within Colombo, as that will ensure you don’t get any problems. Honda recommends a cycle of 40,000 for high urban use. Do post some pictures online of your car and provide us a link 🙂

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