Honda Stream 1.8 RSZ the first month

The vehicle got its first service at the agents, and the oil was changed as it was nearly time, and more importantly it had 0-20W oil which is not suited for local conditions. The agents recommended i save the cash and opt for normal oil due to my low mileage use, so it got 15-40W Havoline mineral oil.

A week later i noticed a screech in the brakes, and though Tek Motors had an OEM brake set for around 7K, i decided that will go with the originals even though they were price at 15K.  Since the car was new to SL the agents did not the parts manual in their systems, but i got the code from an Singapore Stream forum who were very helpful (Well they had the parts manual, but were as usual lazy to cross check what was compatible).  Though the codes are different it turns out the brakes are the same as the 1.8L FD1 civic.

The car had average fuel economy at 10.5 in the meter when i got it, but the first week it was doing only 7.5kmpl.  After the engine oil change the car is now doing around 8kmpl in colombo city traffic.  However if you can just control the foot it is able to return around 9.2kmpl but its very hard to control the temptation to step on the accelerator since the R18 engine comes to life only at the higher revs (unlike the GD1 fit which had all its power low down, and nothing much at the high ends).

Seems the car is still learning, and an ECU reset might be on call to make it fast track on learning.  However i doubt it i could get anything more than 9kmpl regardless of the fancy features the engine technology has, since its a heavy car (nearly 1400kg) and it has a standard auto.

The paddle-shift is proving to be useful, not just in the corners, but also when you need to get the car into cruise mode quickly, and also when you want to do that rapid overtaking. Unlike an manual or for comparison a CVT, the auto box has around a half second delay from the selection to engagement, but this is still okay compared to having nothing at all!


2 thoughts on “Honda Stream 1.8 RSZ the first month”

  1. How’s your FC now? hope it has improved. I think the Rn6 RSZ is the best 7 seater around in Malaysia at the moment. I’m a big fan of the paddle shifter and I found my car response when I flick the paddle is quite instant, no lag really.

    1. Sadly it seems in local city driving conditions the car is not able to return any good economies we see reported in Malaysia and Singapore. However this was the case even with the GD1 Fit, with owners over there reporting 16+ kmpl quite frequently in 80% city driving conditions, while here it was more 10-11kmpl for the same conditions. The reason being the constant stop and go, need to accelerate to overtake the countless 3-wheelers (trishaws) and buses due to the lack of discipline and bad road conditions.

      The RSZ is indeed a cool and nice vehicle among the 7-seaters! The lag i mentioned is compared to a CVT or manual, though compared to auto’s of the past it is indeed quick.

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