Engine Oil myths – new car owners in Sri Lanka, don’t fall for them

For a long time i believed some of the following,

  • You can’t mix different brands of engine oil
  • If you use synthetic oil, you can’t go back mineral oil as it causes oil leaks (seals can’t handle it)
  • Mineral oil is not the best for your car, synthetic is the best
  • Seems the story is very different.

    The story that you can’t go back to mineral oil if you have used synthetic oil is TRUE for cars that are OLD.  New car seal technology has evolved, and you can do that.  Even the  local agents once they know you ask your mileage pattern and then recommend and have said there is no issues reverting back to mineral oil even if the car has been on synthetic for years.  This is is good info for a many who would have brought down cars in recent times due to the reduction in taxes in Sri Lanka.  You don’t need to bust on expensive synthetic oil if your 6 month mileage is less than than 5,000km.

    While synthetic oils are definitely good, that does not mean mineral oil is bad.  Seems like a lot of synthetic oils are created using mineral oils with additives 🙂 though there are few brands such as Mobile that be 100% synthetic.  However mineral oils have also evolved and as long as you keep changing the oil at shorter frequencies you should not have any issues.  However when cars get older the better lubrication capabilities of the synthetic oil might make sense.  However if you are a heavy runner and do 10,000km in less than 3-4 months, going synthetic is better on you as the oil filter cost is high and you are better using the synthetic as its cheaper on the total cost and would also help maintain your engine lifetime.  Most modern oils both synthetic and mineral also have additives to help prevent slug (deposits).  However it seems some engines such as BMW, AUDI and even a few Toyota engines suffer heavily from this and there are special engine oils for these engines, but most engines don’t have this issue.

    More on this later..


    3 thoughts on “Engine Oil myths – new car owners in Sri Lanka, don’t fall for them”

    1. I have 3rz 2.7ltr lpg tyota factory fitted toyoace milage is 130,000 km I was advised to use sae 40 but when I perchased its havoline fomula.do you think its better to go for multigrade again either mobill super 1000 or havoline as im not using frequently.with sae 40 l have done only 500 kms

    2. I use a EK3 done 210,000 Km …is it advisable to change to synthetic now. I run around 2500km a month or adding a product like oil extreme to mineral oil would be a better option.

      1. Hi Fayaz, Oil extreme though used for CVT gearboxes are also for engine maintenance. But i am not sure how well it does it because i have not personally used it.

        However for you end, mineral oils tend to heat up more faster, and thus offer quicker lubrication, so there is some benefit going for mineral. However the cost is over 3 times more, and the argument is that you use mineral oil (non-synthetic) and replace your oil more regularly. However with your high mileage that means a service every 2 months, and thats means oil filter change too. So in your case with the high mileages you might benefit switching to fully synthetic as you can do 4-5 month running before you change your oil (and your oil filter), so good for the engine, good on the pocket as well.

        However before you change i would say check your oil seals, and also flush your engine to take any residual contents, and then switch to fully synthetic. Be warned with the age of the engine once you switch you may have to persist with fully synthetic. Not because you can’t but there have been cases where the seals tend to expand for the fully synthetic oils, that going back to non-synthetic (mineral) may cause leaks (may is the key word as its not going to happen for all).

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