My new drive – The 2007 RN6 Honda Stream 1.8 RSZ is on its way

After 2 years of small car commuting driving the 2004 GD1 Fit, going to be back driving something more that hopefully should be suited to my style of driving and taste! However now with family and relatives, choice had to be a sedate one, and the car chosen was the 2007 Honda Stream RSZ 1.8. Yet to see the car as it was purchased in an auction in Japan. Here are the pics, and shall definitely provide my experiences and review once i have the car with me.

Nearly decided on getting the older RN2 model Honda stream that was available locally, but after much thought went for the newer model and a big hole in the pocket that going to take a long time to fix!

The car has never been brought to Sri Lanka before, though the older model had a few which came down as brand new, but the lumpy looks and the subsequent increase in taxes coupled with the SUV madness took the Stream out of the market place. The newer model is definitely a better looker, based on the FD Civic platform, and sharing the new aggressive front of the JDM Accord. The word though is that the RN6 Stream i brought is about to be face lifted as it has renewed competition after Toyota refreshed their boring looking “Wish” to take on the Stream.


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