Honda Fit GE6 1.3L review coming soon

UPDATE: Review of the car is now available at

While i may have moved on from my GD1 fit, my brother has just brought a re-con (used cars which is the most popular type of import in Sri Lanka) GE6 1.3L. The car comes with the new CVT gearbox by Honda mated to a 1.3L engine that is a lot more powerful than the older one (More details check out The i-Dsi engine which was known for its unique 2 spark plugs per cylinder and great pulling power at the low end is now gone and replaced by enhanced version of the VTEC, and has been given the i-VTEC badging.

The new CVT gearbox seems to have sorted the problem that the GD1 has, as i have not seen any issues (yet) on this, and then again it would be criminal if honda had not rectified that issue considering they would have learnt their lesson, and with almost all vendors now using CVT gearbox (specially in the Japanese market), it seems the Honda Fit (and the cars of that era made by Honda the ES1 and ES8 Civic, the HRV, the Fit Aria/City) were among the few that had such a notable issue with the CVT implementation.

I will update the blog of my findings with the GE6 CVT implementation as i test my brother’s car and also report on his long term running. Considering the car is already over 50,000km in mileage it should be an ideal test bed to see if the CVT issues have been fully resolved.

Some pictures of my bro’s taken by the vendor at the car yard prior to being shipped to the country

GE6 Honda Review Train (Asian version)
1.3L (Honda Jazz – Singapore)

1.5L (Honda Fit) (Honda Jazz – Singapore


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